Honoring Social Workers


March is National Professional Social Worker Month, a time when we honor the workers who provide valuable social services to our community.

Social workers are critical to empowering people, building stronger families, and creating a better community.

Every day, social workers in our counties help thousands of struggling people to view life differently, fight for a better future, and overcome barriers to success.

Social workers are safety nets for our community. It’s vital that counties maintain a safety net for social workers, too.

Michael Chanin“As a vocation, it is obvious that the role of the social worker is to help people in need – those disenfranchised by society. It could be a troubled teen, a chaotic family, or someone with mental illness. Like most jobs there are challenges. However, if the social worker can remember compassion and the gentle touch of kindness and understanding then one can lighten the load of those who have been marginalized by society.”
— Michael Chanin, MA Monterey County

“Social Workers are important to families, our community, and struggling individuals because social work addresses many issues including child abuse and neglect, elder abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health issues, veteran’s affairs, and hospice. Social Workers are the holders of resources and information for our community. At the heart of social work is the importance of human relationships. Social workers advocate for those who are unable to do so and empower people to facilitate change. Social Workers ultimately seek to strengthen and improve our community. At Family and Children’s Services, Social Workers ensure the safety and protection of children.”
— Erin Burton, Social Worker Santa Cruz County


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