Cesar Chavez Celebration in Fresno

By Lorenzo Lambarens, SEIU 521 Latino Caucus Chair

On Saturday, April 6, SEIU 521 Fresno Latino Caucus had its 5th Annual Cesar Chavez celebration event at the Unity Hall. It was a collaborative effort with SEIU UHW Latino Caucus for the second year. It was a invigorating success. In attendance were over 150 family, friends and community members who took time out of their busy lives to join the Latino Caucus in remembering Cesar Chavez.

This year’s theme was “In Rememberance of Cesar Chavez.” We had our art contest where two local high school students were able to compete and produce original art work. The winners were given a prize and recognition at the event. Winners were accompanied by their family.

In keeping with this year’s theme, the guest panel was composed of local community members who were directly involved with Cesar Chavez. Each person told personal anecdotes regarding their experiences with Cesar Chavez.

Also at the event, the issue of immigration reform was presented and a call was made to the community to join SEIU in championing a commonsense approach to immigration reform. Latino Caucus leadership called on attendees to take part in the marches scheduled for April 10 and Primero de Mayo (May 1). Latino Caucus leadership and attendees reflected on the role every day citizens have in developing sustainable immigration reform. Citizens and non-citizens were called upon to take action, not for ourselves but for those who couldn’t speak for themselves.

This year’s Cesar Chavez event went beyond entertainment and reminiscence, and served as a call for greater involvement and participation of Union workers in the formation of public policy for the benefit of all. As we are constantly reminded: “Si se puede.”

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