New fact-finding report recommends returned wages to Fresno County workers

A new Fact Finding Report recommends returning 7% of the 9% pay-cut over the next three (3) years for all SEIU 521 members working for Fresno County and supports us on many more issues we have been fighting for.

July 1, 2013: +2%
July 1, 2014: +2%
July 1, 2015: + 1.5%
April 1 or 15, 2016: +1.5%

Click here for the flyer.

Click here for the PERB fact-finding report.
(This is a revised version correcting some typos, however it doesn’t include any substantive changes, nor any changes to the recommendations.)

Attend the Press Conference:
Date: Tuesday, April 30
Time: 12:05 p.m.
Hall of Records, Fresno, CA 93721
Address: Corner of M & Tulare Street

The long-awaited fact-finding report is in, and the news for SEIU 521 county workers is GOOD!
The impartial Fact Finding Panel largely agreed with workers on most of the issues which we’ve fought so long and hard for.
We do not want the county to repeat its standard line that it has no money for the terms of the report. This is why the SEIU 521 Research Dept. has closely reviewed the county budget over the years and we can 100% refute the county’s claim. This is not everything we have fought for, but it is time to focus on the future. This does return a large part of the monies that have been taken from us and gives our members an opportunity to provide for our families. It is time to show the community and county that we – the front-line workers – are ready to move forward and focus on quality public services.
What’s Next?
The Board of Supervisors has two choices: They can dig in, fight their own county workers and waste taxpayers money on more appeals and hearings or they can accept the recommended terms of the Fact-Finding report and settle. We need to know this is not the end of the fight, but a chance to bring some normalcy back into our lives while we move other pieces into place for the next round.
Getting the Board to settle is not a sure thing and will require a united front. We need to send a strong message to the Board: Time to move on.
SPEAK UP! Call or email BOS members and tell them it’s time to stop fighting you!
·  Phil Larson:  600-1000
·  Andreas Borgeas: 600-2000
·  Henry Perea: 600-3000
·  Judy Case: 600-4000
·  Deborah A. Poochigian: 600-5000
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