School workers tell board: “We’re worth more than 1%”

SCCOE ActionMore than 30 member leaders of the Santa Clara County Office of Education chapter told the board of education on April 3, “We’re worth more than 1%.”

While management has received high increases in compensation, front-line workers who provide valuable services to children and special needs students are told to accept a 1% increase per year for the next two years.

Workers have not seen pay increases in years and many are working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Hurt and offended with the disparate treatment, members went straight to board of education and sent their message loud and clear: “We’re worth more than 1%.”

“We have exceptional employees with high standards, who continuously provide exemplary services to the students and families we serve. They spend their days uplifting, nurturing, and teaching children that they are valued members of our community. The work they do is amazing. They truly make a difference. After nearly a year of negotiations, managements’ most recent offer has made it seem as though our service is less than valuable to them.”
— Linda Genna, SEIU local 521 Vice President Paraprofessionals Unit

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