Fresno County Chapter Bargaining Update – May 24

Print and distribute widely: Purple Tuesday! Stop the County Farce! (PDF)

On June 4, Fresno County will impose its Last, Best and Final offer unless we act now.
Come to the Board Meeting!
WHEN: Tuesday, June 4, 9:30 a.m.
WHERE: 2281 Tulare Street, #301, Hall of Records, Fresno

On May 23, the county sat down with our Bargaining Team and declared it was not going to negotiate. Rather than providing a decent wage to county workers who perform valuable services the community, the county is doing all it can to show it has no regard for the workforce.

Fact Finding proved that the county has the money to begin returning workers’ 9% cuts.

Fact Finding offered us a chance to negotiate and move on to serving the community.

The county rejected Fact Finding and is moving its own agenda, not caring about quality public services or the families that live here.

June 4 is the day. We must show our strength and fight now!


Stay Informed!

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