Santa Clara County workers urge protection of health care safety net

Protect the Safety Net: It’s Here for All of Us!

Community advocates and county workers joined Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors President Ken Yeager on Monday to call on the state not to strip funding from vital health care services and programs the community counts on.

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Recently, county workers formed a coalition with key community allies stressing the need to invest in our county’s future.
Members of the Community First Santa Clara County, including Sacred Heart Community Service, believe accessible, affordable, quality health care is an investment that benefits all of us.

Not a member of the Community First coalition yet?

Melanie Martinez, county health care worker:
“Our community benefits if we can protect county funding to support a thriving health care safety net, and to protect the remaining uninsured.”

Ken Yeager, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors President:
“A state budget proposal to redirect up to $1.5 billion in current county health care funding to other state obligations. This would significantly erode county health care programs and services.”

John Gutierrez, Emergency Technician, Valley Medical Center:
“Our public health care safety net serves not just the few, or just the poor. It is there for all of us when we need it, and we need to protect it from budget cuts made for political reasons.”

With less than five months until uninsured Californians can apply for health care coverage through the state, a Sacramento proposal to take $1.5 billion from counties’ health care funding would significantly erode Santa Clara County public health care programs and services and squander opportunities to invest in improved health for all Californians.

Joining President Yeager were Rene Santiago, Deputy County Director overseeing the Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System; Bruce Wagstaff, Director of Santa Clara County Social Services Agency; Kansen Chu, San Jose City Councilman; Cindy Chavez, San Jose Former Vice Mayor; and community leaders from Sacred Heart Community Service, Immigrant Rights & Education Network (SIREN), Asian Americans for Community Involvement, Community First Santa Clara County, and others.

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