Fresno County Bargaining Update – June 4, 2013

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On Tuesday, June 4, members spoke to the Board of Supervisors at the afternoon Public Hearing session. Some of the Board members not only listened but heard what we had to say. BOS Borgeas made it publicly clear that he was not going to support giving raises to Department Heads which has been proposed by CAO John Navarrette.

While Supervisor Perea led the fight for us, Supervisors Borgeas and Case agreed with Perea that it was time for the county to start paying their fair share of health insurance costs for us. By our members speaking out and standing up to the BOS we got their attention and despite other BOS and Navarrette’s attempts to keep us down, there is movement in the right way due to members standing up. It was our members’ continual strength and power of our voices that actually got Borgeas and Case to make some positive movement for employees.

The majority of the Board unfortunately disregarded and disrespected the contributions of its county workforce.

The Board voted to impose the county’s Last, Best and Final, keeping the 9% pay cut in place and a new step process that will cost us monies. Yes, the county chose to ignore the independent Fact Finding Panel’s recommendations to return 7% of our wages.

Next week will be Budget hearings, let us stay informed and work together to hold the 3 of the 5 members to do the right thing to start moving to help employees that provide their valuable public services to the county.

We have fought hard and must continue the battle!

Urgent Leadership and CAT team meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 13 at 6 p.m. at the Fresno SEIU 521 Union Hall to discuss and plan our next steps!!!
Please RSVP by leaving a message at (559) 447-2579.

We must stay strong now and work together more than ever to find other ways to fight back against the County either in the field or at the polls.

“The elected leaders who voted to impose on workers today failed us and failed our community. Cuts have hurt everyone, and now when there was a chance to bring some healing to working families, the Board of Supervisors put politics ahead of public service workers.”
Laura Basua, SEIU Local 521
Fresno County at Large Chapter President and Unit 4 Job Specialist III

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