Do you need health insurance?

521 wins grant for community health care outreach

Do you have health insurance? If you or your family members are uninsured, you may qualify for affordable health coverage under health care reform! We’ll soon be reaching out in your community and providing more information. Local 521 was one of only 15 groups to receive a $1 million grant to conduct community outreach about the availability of affordable health insurance options through Covered California.

Flyer (PDF)

We’re coming to you this summer and fall!

This summer and fall we will be connecting with you and other Californians about the opportunity to get affordable insurance. We will make contact through: phone calls, knocking on doors, community gatherings and events, and smaller education sessions. By March 2014, we plan to reach 150,000 households across Northern, Central and Southern California, and have in-depth conversations with more than 50,000 individuals about their opportunities to get affordable insurance.

Why SEIU Local 521?

With the new health care law taking effect Jan. 2014, one of the biggest challenges is making sure that everyone who is eligible for low-cost, subsidized insurance knows about it. Our union wants to raise awareness about these options for low-income families. After all, our members provide health care services every day to families that will benefit most from this coverage. That’s why our union was awarded a $1 million grant from Covered California to conduct outreach and education to our members and community.

“We are excited to work in partnership with Covered California, other grantees, and community groups that share our goals. Together, we can ensure that the promise of health care reform – affordable, accessible, high-quality care – becomes a reality for working families across California.”
– Melanie Martinez
Senior Health Services Representative, Referral Coordinator, SEIU Local 521 member leader

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