Santa Clara County BOS: Put Community First!

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors action - June 4, 2013SEIU 521 members held an action at the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors’ meeting on Tuesday, June 4, 2013, to urge the board to look to alternative budget solutions and invest in a workforce that can keep the county a top-rated service provider.

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Even as the local economy is improving significantly, Santa Clara County is proposing that the workforce shoulder a third of the projected $67 million budget deficit.

Last month, a number of us stood alongside Board President Ken Yeager outside Valley Medical Center to urge the state not to strip funding from vital county health care programs and services. President Yeager wisely said that the time now was to invest in – not cut – services. We couldn’t agree more.
— Melanie Martinez, Sr. Health Service Coordinator
Santa Clara County

Lauded as “the best performing metro economy in the nation,” Santa Clara County’s economy is stronger and healthier than it has been in years. Now is the time to make the needs of our community a priority.

Quality public services and an accountable, responsive government are an important part of what makes Santa Clara County a great place to live and work. That’s why residents voted loud and clear last year to invest more in services for our community by passing Prop. 30 and Measure A.
— Tim Hill, Public Health Nurse
Santa Clara County Public Health Department

Community First Santa ClaraAs the county prepares to make cuts to the budget, there is a smarter way to put Community First.

Rather than targeting county workers, the backbone of vital public services, Santa Clara County should:

  • Get taxpayers money back from bad bank deals;
  • Prioritize public services and invest in the workforce;
  • Adopt sensible budget solutions that put Community First.

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“County workers and members of SEIU Local 521 have always stepped up and tightened our belts when times have been hard. We’ve made concessions, pitched in more, worked harder and for less. This year, we believe there is a chance for a new tactic – a way to bring in much needed revenues to rebuild our public services and programs. Along with some ideas of savings from departmental operations, prior-year fund balances, and millions from Measure  A, we strongly urge the county to look at its larger debt portfolio to lower the county’s cost of borrowing.”
—  Mirta Mirabal, Dept. of Child Support Services
Santa Clara County

Our vision includes investing in:

  • Quality Public Services;
  • An accountable government that prioritizes front-line services to benefit residents;
  • And, a cutting edge workforce that meets the needs of our community.

The county must look to alternative budget solutions and invest in a workforce that can keep Santa Clara County a top-rated service provider to our residents.

Members are calling on everyone in the community – including the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors – to endorse our vision of a Community First Santa Clara.

Not a member of the Community First coalition yet? SIGN UP NOW!

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