Victory in the Valley

Come celebrate our Victory!

After 5 months of bargaining, 450 SEIU Local 521 members at Golden Valley Health Centers have prevailed.

With intense support from the membership, the bargaining team of Adam Gintz, Delia Mendoza, Juana Fregoso and Joanna Lee were able to get our raises. Throughout the state, many chapters have struggled just to keep what they have. Because of our dedication, we were able to move the management team from their 1% offer. After several massive rallies that caused the Board of Directors to not allow members into the chambers, we we heard. After we jammed the board room past the limit the Fire Marshall allows, our voices were heard. In April, when over 150 of us showed up to participate in the Soup Line, the Board heard our voices.

This past week, we approved the Contract with 92% of us voting yes. The Bargaining Team spent numerous hours preparing, negotiating, and winning a contract we deserve.

Everyone is invited to the board meeting on Thursday, June 13, at 5 p.m. to remind the Board that Local 521 members are ready and willing to ensure the 2nd year and 3rd years of the contract are as good as and or better than the 1st. Management needs to know that SEIU Local 521 members are the best employees any employer can get. With the Affordable Care Act on GVHC’s doorstep, we are ready and willing to answer the call and press forward to improve services and care to the citizens we serve.

Be there 5 p.m. at the GVHC Main Campus in the Board room to support your new contract.


What: Contract Support Rally

When: Thursday, June 13 @ 5 p.m.

Where: Golden Valley Health Care Office

Corner of West 4th and N Street


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