Fresno County workers denounce Board’s hypocrisy

Fresno County Workers - Press Conference

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Our economy is recovering. It’s time we help Fresno County families and businesses recover, too.

During a July 9 press conference, Fresno County workers denounced the county’s hypocrisy and publicly called on county officials to restore workers’ wages and invest in Fresno County.

The press conference came just days after county officials fully restored their own fat salaries, while forcing a 9-percent pay cut on frontline workers.

The county’s shocking decisions have been described as “callous” and “mind-boggling” by The Fresno Bee, which noted that a 9-percent pay cut for a worker earning $40,000 a year could mean the difference between keeping and losing her home.

During the press conference, which was covered by local TV news stations, member leaders addressed the impact the county’s actions have had on working families, our community services, and local businesses.

Our economy is recovering and the county has a budget surplus, but officials still chose to hurt struggling families and local businesses by severely cutting workers’ wages.

Members urged county leaders to:

  • Show real leadership and act on behalf of the entire community
  • Begin reinvesting in our vital community services and local businesses
  • Give our county a boost by restoring workers’ wages

Excerpts from the press conference:

“We are here today to speak up for fairness, for community services, and local businesses, and for real leadership from county officials.”
Laura Basua, Fresno County Chapter President

“We can’t stand for a county supervisor making three times more than frontline workers, getting a raise, and then forcing working families to take cuts. It’s unfair to people who work hard and play by the rules. It is hypocritical and disrespectful to our community.”
Alysia Bonner, SEIU Local 521 Regional Vice President

“If we’re really in a financial crisis, then why are county officials continuing to receive their own six-figure salaries, instead of taking pay cuts like the rest of us? By continuing to receive their six-figure paychecks, Fresno County supervisors have acknowledged that the crisis is over. Our county is on the road to recovery and it’s time for the board and CAO John Navarrette to invest in Fresno County.”
Yolanda Ledesma, Fresno County Office Assistant

“These cuts are not only impacting working families and our community services, but pay cuts are also taking a toll on small businesses downtown. With a 9-percent pay cut forced by county officials, workers no longer have the extra money to spend in the heart of the city, to go out to dinner, or to go shopping. This is directly hurting small business.”
Barigye McCoy, Fresno County Account Clerk

Download and distribute the flyer at your worksite (PDF)

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