One supervisor folds, the fight continues

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SEIU members held a press conference on July 9 highlighting multiple pay issues in Fresno County. In response, Supervisor Case stated that she “made a mistake” in taking the additional pay and has pledged to return her wages. In the meantime, every other department head and elected official in Fresno County continues to collect their full salary while the frontline workers are forced to make due with less.

By standing together, we have made one Supervisor see the light and stand for fairness so far, but voluntary pay cuts for one supervisor doesn’t equal fairness and it doesn’t help restore our community. We must continue this push together and let our friends and community know that cutting wages has hurt county services and hurt our communities.

Our elected officials have spoken by making pay cuts at the top voluntary. They have declared that the crisis is over. It’s time to invest in Fresno County and restore the pay for all the workers so we can support our families, our communities and our local economies. Let’s continue to stand strong together and reach out to local business and others in the community. All of us will have to work together if we’re going to make Fresno a fair and friendly place to live.

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