Fight Continues: Contract Updates 7/23

12 - Unity Break, July 17

The SEIU 521 Santa Clara County Negotiating Team stood strong for our Community First campaign and held to our contract priorities.

We were able to extend the contract to August 11.

– Mega Unity Breaks were a major success and did exactly what was needed to move the county to respect our services.

– The county has still not moved significantly on economics but agreed to lower its demand for workers’ health plan contribution from 10% to 8% (the original demand was 20%).

Fight Continues:

Clearly, this is not good enough to retain/recruit qualified staff, we need to escalate further!

1) We need Cindy Chavez elected: The election is on Next Tuesday (7/30) so anything you can do please help. Staff will be there all weekend including Monday and Tuesday!  (If you help on Tuesday there is always the victory party!) For more information:

 2) We need  the Petition Signed (If you haven’t done yet): We are half-way through our 7,000 signatures goal that need to be done before August 1, 5 pm. Talk to other departments and ask them to sign!

3) Get Ready for a Strike Vote: Start talking to your co-workers. This will give our negotiators more strength at the bargaining table. Remember that a Strike Vote is SERIOUS — it is NOT JUST AN EMPTY THREAT!

Remember: We are stronger when we Stand together!



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