I put my community first

I put my community first

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MirtaMirabalMirta Mirabal, Child Support Officer II
“It’s time for the County to do the right thing. We stood by the County and took cuts when times were tough. We did our jobs with less and for less. The County needs to show it really cares about its workforce.”


Pablo AmarillasPablo Amarillas, Roads Maintenance Worker II
“I am ready to go on strike because without retaining quality road maintenance workers we can’t ensure reliable roadway safety.”


Ryan NobleRyan Noble, Sr. Communications Dispatcher
“I provide important public safety services by answering 911 calls, handling emergency situations, dispatching to the Sherriff’s Office, County fire and other County emergency medical systems. I believe that the community needs to come first and that frontline employees need to be treated as valuable resources who provide the community with the highest standard of services.”


Linda CurtisLinda Curtis, Library Clerk II
“The County has decided not to join the lawsuit against the criminal banks that stole up to $54 million from our county in the LIBOR scandal. They would rather look to more employee concessions to recover this money, and risk losing dedicated employees by not providing them with the resources they need to best serve the residents of Santa Clara County! I’m ready to strike!”


Christina ColladaCristina Collada, Psychiatric Social Worker II
“Since the County no longer has a deficit and the cost of living continues to rise, Drug and Mental Health workers should be compensated reasonably to provide quality services to the community and to help people graduate successfully from the criminal justice system.”


Richie RamosRichie Ramos, Sr. Park Maintenance Worker
“I provide safety to our customers and community and protect our natural resources for future generations. I am ready to strike to fight for what is right.”


Melinda MorilloMelinda Morillo, Legal Clerk
“It’s time for the County to do the right thing and give the community and County workers what we deserve.”


Lawrence AriasLawrence Arias, Information Systems Technician III (DOR)
“I provide essential IT services in the Department of Revenue, which ensures that IT systems run efficiently to collect revenue for the County. I believe that one of the most important assets to Santa Clara County are the services its workers provide to the community.”


Yemeseratch Girma-AyeleYemeseratch Girma-Ayele, Social Worker II
“I advocate on behalf of the homeless and disabled members of Santa Clara County. In so doing, every day I help change lives. I believe in the work that I do, the clients that I serve. It is about time the County of Santa Clara shows that the community is first!”


Marilyn MaraMarilyn Mara, Public Health Nurse II
“The well-being of a society depends on the optimum “health” of the community. As County workers, we have to be the advocates for the community we serve; we have to be the voice of those who can’t speak; and we have to put our community first!”


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