I put my community first

Aida Tavarez

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Maurilia LuevanoMaurilia Luevano, Paralegal (Office of the Public Defender)
“I interview clients to qualify for services of the Public Defender. The Board of Supervisors is not valuing my work. 1.25% is a slap in the face!”


Jewel MillerJewel Miller, Medical Admin Assistant II
“Positions have been eliminated and we are being asked to do more with less. The frantic pace cannot continue without compromising the quality of our work.”


Sandy HernandezSandy Hernandez, Medical Assistant
“I assist our providers in teaching patients to be advocates for themselves. I am dedicated to our community. We come to work every day ready to provide the best services. I am ready to strike because I feel unappreciated and because workers’ needs are being ignored.”


Peder Eriksson Jr.Peder Eriksson, Sr. Environmental Health Specialist
“I issue permits for food carts and food trucks and help educate business owners on how to prepare and serve safe food to the public. I’m tired of being pushed around by County management during contract negotiations. Our community deserves a quality workforce.”


Carol WilloughbyCarol Willoughby, Public Health Nurse II
“I want the County to be able to continue to provide high quality care for our at-risk populations, especially the poor seniors when they cannot get their medication and do not know how to navigate the County system.”


Veronica FraustoVeronica Frausto, Administrative Assistant, Social Services Agency
“I am prepared to strike because we deserve the tools and resources to provide essential services to our community.”


Melanie MartinezMelanie Martinez, Sr. Health Services Rep
“I feel I give 200% to my work to serve my community and the Board of Supervisors need to do what’s right for their frontline staff.”


Linda QuachLinda Quach, Diagnostic Imaging Technologist I – CT
“I help detect breast cancer by performing mammography and perform CT scans to detect diseases, cancers and fractures. Our community should have the best quality care. Hospital workers are very dedicated and should be compensated fairly.”


Rosalinda Munez

Rosalinda Nunez, Eligibility Worker III
“I want a fair contract, a contract that shows the County cares and is treating me with dignity and respect.”


Barbrich KrzysztofBarbrich, Krzysztof, Medical Examiner Coroner Investigator
“Workers deserve the respect and support of the County!”


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