I put my community first

Veronica Frausto

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Valerie PadillaValerie Padilla, Medical Assistant
“I provide health care to my community. I believe in the services I provide our patients and the County should believe in the work I do.”


Jason GormanJason Gorman, Gardener
“We are in the process of creating a sustainable landscape throughout the County, saving thousands of dollars in water costs and recurring maintenance. This is investment in the community’s future and the County needs to recognize that its workforce needs investment as well.”


Janet DiazJanet Diaz, Patient Business Service Clerk (Valley Medical Center)
“The County has said, that even with no deficit, they want to take away more vital community services, while asking workers to do more with continued employee concessions. I have reached my limit, professionally and personally. How can the County expect us to provide the excellent services needed without the proper tools and resources. Enough is enough! It’s time to take a stand for our community.”


Roseann Berthron-ArechigaRoseann Berthron-Arechiga, Eligibility Worker II (BSC)
“With the implementation of healthcare reform less than three months away, it’s hard for me to understand why the County is not willing negotiate a fair contract that puts a quality workforce on the frontline, serving the community. As a dedicated Eligibility Worker, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to provide quality public service to my community.”


Tracy NgoTracy Ngo, Eligibility Work Supervisor
“I am dedicated and work hard to make sure our clients receive excellent services. However, there is a lot of pressure from increasing caseloads and staff shortages, making it more difficult to provide quality services to our community.”


Jolyn LiawJolyn Liaw, Employment Counselor II
“I am ready to strike because I want to fight for quality social services that sustain the community and cutting-edge technologies that sustain Silicon Valley as a leading community in the nation.”


Sam AvilaSam Avila, Physical Therapist Assistant II
“I work in Rehab. I’ve given 36 years of my life working for the County. Now is the time for the County to fulfill its commitments to us.”


Janine KinseyJanine Kinsey, Medical Admin Assistant I
“I am willing to go on strike because it is clear the County is not a team player and doesn’t value its community or workforce. If it did, it would seize this opportunity to invest in quality public services, a cutting-edge workforce, and create a more accountable government!”


Sammy BaezaSammy Baeza, Electronic Repair Technician
“By failing to keep a cutting-edge workforce, we are not putting community first.”


Jackie BennettJackie Bennett, Diagnostic Imaging Tech I – Fluorscopy
“I take x-rays for patients who are sick and need to know what is wrong. I want my patients to have the best care possible but I can’t work at Valley Medical Center anymore if things don’t change. My wages have fallen 30% behind other hospitals.”


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