I put my community first

Sammy Baeza

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Manuel BotelhoManuel Botelho, Roads Maintenance Worker III
“I need a decent living wage. I just want a fair deal.”


David ColungaDavid Colunga, Office Specialist III
“I treat every client like they are family; I treat them with dignity and respect. County workers are the backbone of this community and deserve to be treated with respect.”


Maria Elena BurnMaria Elena Burn, Social Work Coordinator II
“My job is to ensure that neglected and abused children who are not able to return safely to their parents/family, are placed in loving permanent families so that they do not languish in foster care. Without fair compensation, we are losing valuable employees and services to our most vulnerable populations are being compromised.”


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Martin LamareueMartin Lamarque, Medical Translator (VMC)
“The county needs to do a better job administering public funds. Shortchanging workers who are at the bottom of the pay scale means less crucial services for residents of Santa Clara County.”


Tricia BoermaTricia Boerma, Eligibility Worker II
“If the county gets what it wants, I will not be able to pay my mortgage or feed my family”


Paul KlunderPaul Klunder, Sr. Paralegal
“Our benefits are under attack while our wages have stagnated for the last five years. The county’s budget is now healthy and it’s time to restore the standard of living for workers who provide quality public services.”


Elaine SaulterElaine Saulter, Counselor, Department of Alcohol and Drug Services
“We are dedicated to client-centered care, helping people face their addictions and help them to change the course of their lives. I am ready to strike because I am not getting respect for the service I provide, eight years without a pay raise. Enough is enough!”


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