Immigration rally a huge success

In an incredible display of political might, thousands of people from across the state joined thousands more from Bakersfield today in a demonstration at Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s office. Weeks of planning and preparations paid off today in this event of national significance. Leaders from nearly a dozen organizations spoke at the rally including SEIU’s Secretary-Treasurer Eliseo Medina.

After the rally, the people marched out of the park on a route that passed Kevin McCarthy’s office. A hundred people broke away from the group to rally outside the Congressman’s office. The line of people was so long that people were returning to the park before everyone had left. We are certain that McCarthy heard our voice and knows it will only get louder as time goes on.

“Our broken immigration system tears families apart, crushes the dreams of young people and creates an underground economy that hurts all workers. A strong majority of Americans agree now is the time for immigration reform but some in Washington, DC just haven’t gotten the message. That’s why all summer we will be uniting to make our voices heard – in Congress and on the streets – until we finally have real immigration reform with a path to citizenship.”

– Mike Garcia, SEIU USWW President


“We’re here to tell Congressman McCarthy that the time is now to reform our broken immigration system and provide a path to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans. As a leader within the House Republican leadership, Congressman McCarthy has a responsibility to encourage his colleagues to move forward on commonsense immigration reform. He was elected to lead and fix problems that impact his constituents, not to avoid or perpetuate them. We expect more and we hope he responds. But until he does, we will continue to remind him of his obligations.”

– Eliseo Medina, SEIU Secretary-Treasurer

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3 Responses to “Immigration rally a huge success”

  1. nancym14 says:

    This is sickening…

  2. nancym14 says:

    Wow let me get this straight people that come here and break the laws and soveriegnty of this country should be allowed a free pass to citizenship. I guess the old fashion way my parents came no longer applies. Where people apply, get sponsored and then come here legally without breaking the laws and soverignty of this country I guess we are not a country of laws after all.

  3. Dan Fiorenza says:

    regarding this is issue, I have for the longest time had the simplest and fairest solution. If you are here illegally but during the course of your time here have dutifully been paying taxes, then you should be granted instant citizenship, no waiting period, no thousands of dollars in fees. Lets not forget one of the main causes of discontent of the early Americans, taxation without representation. Paying into the system yet not having a voice in said system. Its about as un-American as it gets. I think its high time our government officials quit waffling about on the issue: if you can prove you have been a productive member of society, you should have your citizenship and that of your immediate family approved on the spot. This is a fair, fast and simple way to solve the illegal alien problem. You put in? You get In!

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