Business joins labor for Immigration Forum

Immigration Forum - Sept. 9, 2013Comprehensive Immigration Reform is gaining support in the business community. On Sept. 9 business and labor leaders came together for an immigration reform forum in Bakersfield to urge Congress to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Members from SEIU Local 521 and other community organizations and unions put the forum together to highlight the growing dialogue that immigration reform is a pathway to citizenship and must be on Congress’ agenda.

Community Trust Credit Union hosted the event.

Business leaders included Cindy Pollard, CEO of the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce, Jose Gonzalez from Community First Credit Union, and Jose Arredondo from Family Motors. Mayor Harvey Hall had originally planned on attending and was called away at the last moment.

The main purpose of the event was to highlight business participation in the growing coalition that supports immigration reform.

If you know a business owner who would be interested in signing on and lending their support, please contact your union organizer and they will provide you with anything you need.

The time is NOW for Commonsense Immigration Reform

Time is NOWWe deserve an immigration system that benefits our economy, reflects our values, and makes sense.

SEIU Local 521 is ready to work for practical immigration reform that leads to:

  • Economic growth with better wages for all workers
  • A clear roadmap to citizenship for hardworking, tax-paying families
  • Everyone – including employers – paying their fair share of taxes
  • Keeping families together
  • More workers being able to join union activities without the fear of deportation or retaliation

Join the action for Commonsense Immigration Reform!

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