Kern Coalition for Citizenship – Watch the video

Learn how labor, business, and community groups are working together for comprehensive immigration reform by watching the video about the Kern Coalition for Citizenship and SEIU Local 521’s role.

We are holding weekly coalition meetings every Thursday night at the SEIU Local 521 office in Bakersfield.

SEIU Local 521 took on immigration reform because of the demographics of the region and because we knew that of immigration reform was going to succeed, the cause would need strong champions in California’s Central Valley.

This campaign has broadened our community connections and we’ve gained new allies both in our membership and in the community. This will help us in the long term in getting better contracts and getting better daily working conditions for our members.

The time is NOW for Commonsense Immigration Reform

Time is NOWWe deserve an immigration system that benefits our economy, reflects our values, and makes sense.

SEIU Local 521 is ready to work for practical immigration reform that leads to:

  • Economic growth with better wages for all workers
  • A clear roadmap to citizenship for hardworking, tax-paying families
  • Everyone – including employers – paying their fair share of taxes
  • Keeping families together
  • More workers being able to join union activities without the fear of deportation or retaliation

Join the action for Commonsense Immigration Reform!

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