Educating our community about health insurance options and Covered California

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  • SEIU Local 521 is one of only 15 groups to receive a $1 million grant to conduct community outreach about the availability of affordable health insurance options through Covered California.
  • SEIU 521 was awarded the grant because we know the populations that need health insurance. Throughout public hospitals and public and private clinics, our members provide quality health care services every day to families that will benefit most from this coverage. We also have hundreds of Medi-Cal eligibility workers with experience helping people qualify for new programs.
  • We are reaching out to 250,000 likely eligible residents statewide with an emphasis on populations and geographies with high number of residents that need health insurance.
  • We are focusing on Asian-Pacific Islander, Latino and African-American communities, along with people working in occupations in which many don’t have access to employer health insurance for themselves or their families. We will also be targeting small businesses that are eligible for tax credits when they purchase health insurance for their employees.
  • We plan to have 150,000 outreach conversations to let people know about Covered California.
  • We plan to have in-depth educational conversations with more than 50,000 likely eligible populations.
  • We will be contacting people through a variety of public events, such as health care town halls, public health fairs, civic engagement conventions, and through a phone bank that will allow us to reach people all over the state.
  • In our first month, we participated in a civic engagement event in Fresno on August 10, which drew hundreds of members from the Hmong community in the Central Valley. We educated hundreds of community members and parents of children with disabilities, and over 1,000 Latino and Vietnamese residents at a health fair in San Jose on September 14. We have also contacted over 5,000 people with our statewide phonebank in just the first 26 days.
  • Our grant runs through the first open enrollment period (Oct. 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014).
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