Region 2 Trustee vacancy

Apply by Thursday, Nov. 14!

Ever wanted to get involved in the executive board of SEIU Local 521? There is one vacant seat on the Executive Board for the Region 2 Trustee that SEIU 521 is seeking to fill.

Duties of SEIU Local 521 Trustees (SEIU Local 521 Bylaws Article XI Section 4):
Trustees shall see that the officers fulfill their duties and obligations, that the Local Union’s bylaws are followed, and that meetings are run in a respectful and orderly manner consistent with the International Union’s Manual of Common Procedures governing debate (see SEIU 521 Bylaws Appendix #2).

They will ensure proper fiscal procedures are followed, perform spot audits of financial transactions, hiring practices, capital expenditures, expense reports according to a program/policy which will be developed by the Executive Board and themselves. They will review the annual audit and may require other audits, if serious necessity demands it. They will report to the Membership and to the Executive Board on their activities and findings at least twice a year.

Trustees may be requested, by a Chapter or the President of the Local Union, to assist chapter leadership with voting and elections, or to help them understand and adhere to Local Union bylaws and policies.

The Trustees of the Local Union shall act as judge in all matters arising from the election procedures of the Local Union and shall hear all protests of an election. Members not satisfied with a ruling of the Trustees on an election matter may appeal such ruling to the International President within fifteen (15) days of the ruling.

TERM OF OFFICE: Expires February 29, 2016.

REQUIREMENTS to be considered for the Appointment to the Position of Region 2 Trustee:

  • Must be a member of SEIU Local 521 in good standing for at least two years.
  • Must be employed by a Chapter in Region 2 (Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito Counties). For a full list of Chapters, see


  • Submit your request for consideration for appointment as the Region 2 Trustee to the Local 521 Executive Board no later than November 14, 2013.
  • Include in your request your full name (printed), your Chapter and your contact information (address, phone number, e-mail).
  • Optional Inclusion: a 75-word (maximum) statement of your qualifications.

TO SUBMIT: Forward your request for consideration and optional statement of qualifications to Karen Summers, HR Specialist.

  • E-mail:
  • Mail: SEIU Local 521, 2302 Zanker Rd, San Jose, CA 95131
  • Fax: (408) 954-1538
  • Drop off: at SEIU 521 office in Salinas, San Jose or Santa Cruz during business hours.

At the December 7, 2013 Executive Board meeting, the Board will vote on which qualified candidate they feel best represents our Local as the Region 2 Trustee. All qualified applicants will be reviewed by the Board prior to the December 7 meeting and must be present at the meeting to be considered for the position.

Call Karen Summers at (408) 678-3300 with any further questions.

Duties and application process (PDF)

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