Santa Cruz County workers ratify contract

Santa Cruz County Chapter Rally

After four months of bargaining, Santa Cruz County workers voted Thursday, Sept. 12 to ratify a three-year agreement with the county.

The hard work of our Bargaining Team was overwhelmingly supported by union members in a 75% YES vote.

The agreement recognizes sacrifices workers have made in the past five years during the recession and starts the process of reinvesting in recruiting and retaining a quality workforce to serve the community.

Our Bargaining Team thanks everyone who participated in the intense bargaining campaign and all those who voted.

Workers’ concessions during the economic recession included furloughs, lay-offs, and loss of qualified staff. The new contract makes progress on rebuilding our workforce and strengthening our core public services.

Summary of the Tentative Agreement (PDF)

Highlights include:

  • Reduced furloughs
  • Bringing nurse practitioners’/physician assistants’ compensation in line with surrounding jurisdictions
  • A modest wage compensation increase each year

“After years of cuts to services and our workforce, we have a lot of rebuilding to do,” said Veronica Rodriguez, SEIU Local 521 Santa Cruz County Chapter President. “This contract will restore our services and help us recruit a cutting-edge workforce to serve our community.”

The Board of Supervisors previously approved the tentative agreement on Sept. 10. Now with the members’ vote of approval, the new agreement is effective from September 11, 2013 through September 23, 2016.

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2 Responses to “Santa Cruz County workers ratify contract”

  1. Disgrunteled worker says:

    So VAGUE! Give us the reason(s) YOU want us to vote yes and ALL information involved with this contract. Why should we do ANYTHING MORE that you recommend
    because you have NEVER gotten us a decent contract in the 24 years I have worked for the county!!!

    • SEIU521 says:

      Please check the tentative agreement summary we posted yesterday. For more details, come to the vote sites where the bargaining team will answer questions.

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