Workers bringing home less bacon

New Census data underscore why campaign to boost wages must succeed

Bacon-Census-data copy copy.jpgMore than four years into an economic recovery, and only the rich are fully recuperated. They are capturing more of the nation’s income while working people are either struggling to make ends meet or hanging on by a thread to the middle class.

Census data released today reveal median household income in 2012 fell to $51,017—down for the fifth straight year and down more than 8 percent since the economic crash. In fact, the typical family makes less than it did in 1989.

The data underscore why burgeoning movement among fast food, retail and other workers to boost wages must succeed.

“There is something amiss when millions of working people have to choose between paying rent or buying school supplies while the stock market is soaring,” SEIU President Mary Kay Henry said in a statement.

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