Fuzzy math behind Reed’s pension reform proposal

Read why the fuzzy math behind Chuck Reed’s pension reform efforts just doesn’t add up:

“Reed and other anti-pension crusaders are hoping California voters won’t notice their sleight of hand. Their claim is that the investment funds responsible for cutting those retirement checks in the future aren’t healthy enough to be able to do so. But they’re wrong.”

“Taking a hard look at pensions promised to future public employees is fair game. That’s why unions in nearly 400 municipalities in our state have come to the bargaining table and agreed to concessions. It’s also why Gov. Brown’s pension reforms take a $100 billion hit to future pensions. But the only parties who stand to benefit from attacking current public workers’ retirement accounts are Wall Street moneymakers and billionaires like John Arnold. Voters shouldn’t stand for that kind of money-hungry bait-and-switch even making its way onto ballots in our state.”

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SEIU 521 is camoaigning for Retirement Security for All

Far too many Californians fear they won’t have enough saved for retirement to pay for food, medicine and housing.

How can you help bring retirement security for all California workers?

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