San Benito County workers continue to stand strong

We'are all in togetherOct. 24 Update:

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, the San Benito County Chapter bargaining team met with the county’s hired Chief Negotiator/Attorney to discuss initiating the mediation process.  This conversation is continuing today between our legal counsel and the county to finalize the details for the mediation, including selecting an arbitrator and dates for the meeting.  SEIU Local 521 is not waiving its right to a mandatory fact-finding, which is allowed under the law.

San Benito County workers: Stay updated by calling the hotline at (831) 824-9270, visiting our chapter web page or following our Facebook updates. You can also stay connected with your bargaining team members. Don’t forget “PURPLE TUESDAYS” – Purple up to continue showing your support to our bargaining team, and showing that we stay strong and united.

Print and distribute flyer (PDF)

Encourage your co-workers to sign up for email and text updates.

Oct. 23 Update:

On Oct. 22 after work, San Benito County workers continued putting pressure on the Board of Supervisors to come back to the table to bargain. While the bargaining team is meeting on Oct. 23 to discuss a possible mediation, SEIU 521 members are still ready to continue bargaining with the county in an effort to reach a fair contract.

Stay tuned here at the website or call the hotline at 831-824-9270 to get the latest information from the bargaining table immediately following the session.

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Workers voted unanimously to reject the county’s offer of devastating cuts on Oct. 8. The last offer would have resulted in:

  • 7% less pay for workers
  • loss of two top steps (10%) in salary schedule
  • changes in healthcare that would result in 50% to 75% of premium costs absorbed by employees hired after 1/1/2002.

These cuts are devastating to workers who have already given their share of concessions in past years, to help the county balance their budget.  It’s time for the county and the Board of Supervisors to find responsible ways to fix the budget that will help San Benito community, not further harm the services county workers provide.

“We are San Benito County workers. We live here and pay taxes here. We work hard to support our families. We are part of the solution. We will not be the county’s bank any longer and we will not allow the county to continue to balance the budget on our backs. It’s time for solutions and true leadership from this board.”
— Joan Miranda, San Benito County worker addressing the board of supervisors on Oct. 15.

TAKE ACTION: Support San Benito County workers!

1. Call or email the  Board of Supervisors.

Send them this message:
“San Benito County workers have gone without increases for years in an effort to close budget deficits. Workers continued to work more with less, even while staffing levels continue to decline due to lack of qualified staff in public health and behavioral health departments who are reluctant to stay with a county that only continues to reduce wages and benefits, while other neighboring counties recover. THESE CUTS DON’T HEAL OUR SAN BENITO COUNTY COMMUNITY. As an (employee or supporter of workers) I urge the Board to do the right thing and return to the bargaining table to get to an agreement that does not take quality, affordable healthcare away from county workers and further cut employees pay that will devastate their families.”

District 1: Margie Barrios: (831) 637-8717,
District 2: Anthony Botelho: (831) 623-4228,
District 3: Robert Rivas: (831) 905-4633,
District 4: Jerry Muenzer: (831) 637-2121,
District 5: Jaime De La Cruz: (831) 297-2248,

Print and distribute the flyer (PDF)

2. Visit the San Benito County Chapter Facebook page, and like and share posts with your circle of friends.

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