Appreciate home care workers; pay them a livable wage

Home Care workers at the BOSMore than 100 In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) workers called on Santa Clara County’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, Nov. 5, to spend time with a home care worker this month – which is National Home Care Provider Appreciation Month.

Seeing first-hand the work involved would bring a deeper understanding of the valuable program that allows the elderly and people with disabilities to live with dignity at home.

Fred Wikeler

Home Care Worker Fred Wikeler speaking to the crowd.

“As elected leaders, the supervisors have a platform to be advocates for issues of importance in society,” said Fred Wikkeler, who cares for his ailing mother who as Alzheimer’s. “The home care program of Santa Clara County is vitally important to our community. And that is why one goal of our Quality Care at Home campaign is to raise public awareness about the In-Home Supportive Services program. We put our Community First when we take care of the most vulnerable among us.”

Today, Santa Clara County has about 200,000 individuals who are over 65 years old. By 2030, that number is going to double to be more than 1 in 5 residents.

A recent poll found that 65 percent of Americans who are age 40 and up say they’ve done little or no planning for living assistance in their older years.

“I am grateful to the IHSS program,” said Mai Huynh. “But as home care workers, we are also struggling very hard. The average worker makes 63 percent below the living wage. Santa Clara County has fallen behind other regions that have increased funding for the home care program. It is not right that workers who provide this important work live just above the poverty line, pay check to pay check. Santa Clara County is better than this. We ask you to put our Community First and support our Quality Care at Home campaign.”

Support the “Quality Care @ Home” campaign

November is Home Care Month and we would like to honor home care workers who help put our Community First by providing in-home care for people in need. Unfortunately, too often, home care workers struggle to make ends meet.

What can you do to support the Home Care workers?
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Home Care workers at BOS

Home Care workers calling the BOS to appreciate them.

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