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Provider: Mary Castelo

Client: Roberto (Bobby) Talamantez


Home Care Community Heroes flier Mary Castelo & Bobby Talamentez

In-Home Supportive Services

Community First!

Bobby was born with a severe intellectual disability, a hip disorder and his nerves tangled up. He can’t walk or talk. His parents were his caretakers until they passed away.

Today, his sister Mary is his In-Home Supportive Services provider (IHSS).

Under Mary’s care, Bobby attends Hope Services Workshop, earning $4 every two weeks. Mary is one of 17,000 workers in Santa Clara County who provide professional, personalized care to clients who are elderly or have disabilities.

IHSS providers help clients like Bobby to live independently and with dignity at home; yet workers like Mary earn 65 percent below the living wage.

Our senior population in California is projected to double in size in 20 years. We need to invest in a skilled home care workforce and raise public awareness about the vital IHSS program that enables thousands to live independently and with dignity at home.

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