Fresno County workers being left behind again


Friday, Jan. 10, 2014

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Fresno County workers being left behind again

Instead of “Community First” services for public, Supervisors boost management salaries

FRESNO, CA – Once again, the Fresno County Board of Supervisors has decided to reward those at the top while refusing to invest in quality front line services. This new boost for the top paid positions includes a nearly $40,000 per year raise for CAO John Navarette who is nearing retirement. This raise is more than many of Fresno County’s hardest-working employees make in total salary every year.

“The issue is fairness and equity,” said Alysia Bonner, SEIU Local 521 Regional Vice President. “The members of the Board of supervisors who are supporting this raise are out of touch and out of control. They all got raises. Now they are planning to boost the pay of top managers while continuing the cuts to workers who actually provide services to Fresno County residents.”

Many Fresno County workers will be at the Board meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 14, to speak out against the latest action by the board. According to a recent salary survey, many front-line positions in Fresno County are 30 to 45 percent below other comparable counties. “We believe this is ploy to spike managers’ pensions. Our elected leaders need to put Community First by investing in quality programs, services and working families. If we don’t have the best people on the front lines, our community suffers.”


SEIU Local 521 represents nearly 60,000 public, non-profit, and home care employees in 17 California counties.

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