Stand in solidarity with home care workers!

Tell Supervisor Yeager to Support Home Care

Home care action

Home care and personal care aides are among America’s fastest growing workforce, and one of its most poorly paid.

That’s why we need your support. While other Santa Clara County SEIU Local 521 employees have received cost-of-living adjustments, the county is trying to keep home care concessions, made during the recession, permanent during the recovery.

Currently Santa Clara County pays our home care workers an average yearly income of $11,500, or 65% below the self-sufficiency threshold. In the heart of Silicon Valley, many home care workers are living at or below the federal poverty line, and many are forced to depend on government assistance just to make ends meet.

Do you live or work in the County of Santa Clara?

Email County Supervisor Ken Yeager and ask him to support Quality Care @ Home

Or, call him now:

Dial: (408) 299-5040

What to say on the phone:
1. Introduce yourself and ask to speak with Supervisor Ken Yeager.  If he is unavailable, ask to leave a message with a member of his staff.

2. Let Supervisor Yeager or the member of his staff know that you are a member of SEIU Local 521, the department you work in, and that you are in solidarity with the county’s home care workers.

3. Ask Supervisor Yeager to prepare for the future by investing in our communities and in quality care at home. That means increasing access to the home care program and paying home care workers a fair wage.

4. Thank Supervisor Yeager or his staff person for their time and consideration.

Now you’re finished!

Thank you.

Learn more about the Quality Care @ Home campaign here.

Read the recent news coverage: County homecare workers continue to campaign for a living wage, El Observador, Feb. 7, 2014

If you want to get more in-depth:

Fair wages: Santa Clara County pays IHSS providers an average yearly income of $11,500 and many home care workers are living at or below the federal poverty line. The county needs to pay our home care workers enough to keep up with the region’s rapidly rising cost of living.

Better access: Hire more hotline phone operators who speak a greater diversity of languages. IHSS call centers are understaffed and both workers and clients are regularly put on hold for an average of 1 ½ hours and as long as four. Those that do get through often can’t speak the languages that are supported.

Better training: Invest in and develop Santa Clara County’s home care workforce. Make IHSS program orientations mandatory for providers, and increase the number and subjects of the training sessions offered.

Join our campaign to put our “Community First” by supporting Quality Care @ Home:

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