Court worker victory: The AOC is being audited!

SEIU and judges stood together and won!

SEIU 521 court workers along with California judges who keep our courts running applauded the Legislature’s decision to audit the books of California’s courts bureaucracy, the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).

Our trial courts have had to make drastic cuts across the state and particularly in the Central Valley where many smaller courts have reduced days or closed entirely. At the same time, the public was stuck with cuts, closures and layoffs that are eating up hours, days and even months of our lives. In some counties, it now takes a year and a half to process an uncontested divorce. This is unheard of and unacceptable. Businesses, families, children and anyone who relies on the courts are paying the price for the managerial follies and misplaced priorities of this bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, those at the AOC have continued to spend money without proper oversight resulting in boondoggle after boondoggle. Ill-conceived projects are left unfinished and the people who are responsible continue to get raises and increasingly lavish benefits.

Under scrutiny for wasteful spending, the Judicial Council already voted to terminate a $1.9 billion computer project in March 2012.

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