Our home care workers lobby for fair pay

Home care workers in Sacramento
Fresh off winning a three-year contract that moves them closer to a living wage, home care workers in Santa Clara County joined with members from the San Mateo County home care chapter to speak up at the state Capitol on March 13 against Governor Brown’s reckless plan to limit the hours of care they can provide clients.
Read the opinion column in the Sacramento Bee by State Sen. Holly J. Mitchell, D-Los Angeles.

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Home care workers met with assemblymembers from their own districts and discussed how capping home care hours will disrupt the continuity of care and push providers and their families into poverty. Later many gave testimony at the budget hearing, calling on members of the State Assembly to reject the Governor’s proposal.

Tuyhoa Do with Heather Falkenthal
Photo above: San Mateo home care provider Tuyhoa Do meets with Heather Falkenthal, legislative director for Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski. Tuyhoa is on the verge of tears, explaining how Governor Brown’s plan to cap home care hours will devastate her family and the quality of care of the client she cares for. #everyhourcounts

Photo above: San Mateo home care worker Esther Castro, testifying about how capping home care hours will affect her father, who suffered a stroke in 2002 and now has vascular dementia. He suffers from depression and, if left alone, will attempt to leave the house and wander the streets, lost. #everyhourcounts

IHSS home care providers and clients from around the State lined up to testify before the budget hearing, drawing attention the the unintended, yet devastating consequences of a cap on provider hours. #everyhourcounts

The In-Home Supportive Services program saves lives and saves taxpayer money.

In addition to fighting back the state plan that would harm the continuity of quality care for clients, SEIU Local 521 home care workers in San Mateo County are preparing to begin their own negotiations,  having seen no salary adjustments in 10 years.


Fred Wikeling and his mother
Photo above: Santa Clara County home care provider Fred Wikkeling with his mother and client Andrika, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, diabetes and congestive heart failure. Governor Brown’s proposal to cap IHSS hours will cut their household income by more than $1,200 per month, plunging them into poverty and undermining the quality of care available to Andrika. #everyhourcounts

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