KMC CEO says we are overstaffed

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CEO Russell Judd outlined his strategic plan for KMC before the Board of Supervisors this week. He is going to focus on reducing staffing based on formulas that calculate work units completed. Judd believes that our hospital is overstaffed and he’s planning to make the department managers accountable for reaching those goals.

Management’s focus on squeezing the hospital will only hurt our capacity and community.

We believe in focusing on creating a hospital of choice by providing Quality Patient Care.

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“We need to make sure that quality patient care isn’t lost in all the talk of formulas and quotas. Our effort to strengthen KMC has reduced the billing cycle and cut our unpaid patient levels by 95 percent. Now is the time to focus on expanding services and improving quality as we continue to put our community first. If we don’t speak up now, we might not be here later.”

– Jeff Rockholt, RN



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