We launched “Team Tulare County Community First” campaign

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A rally and BBQ in Blaine Park on April 10, 2014 brought our members together for the first major event of the Tulare County Contract Campaign. We passed out Community First pins and shirts to show our commitment to making Tulare County a better place for everyone. There was music and we had great speeches from the Bargaining Team.

In addition to the BBQ, kids got to participate in an Easter Egg hunt and Tulare County for Families was there talking about how their work to move the U.S. Congress on immigration reform was also bringing out community allies and building a new group of young activists who are interested in building the county’s future.

Ty Inman talked about the problems the Board had with rehiring laid-off workers. When they came back, the county didn’t respect the hiring rules. “We explained it to the county, we took it to the table and the understood us and agreed it wasn’t fair. But then they said, ‘It’s too hard to fix.’ That’s who we’re dealing with.”

Kermit Wullschleger talked about going to the Board of Supervisors. “We’re just asking for a living wage. They’ve given themselves raises, three raises in fact, and we’ve still got people who work for the county who aren’t even making a living wage. Things used to be fair. We don’t have fairness anymore.”

16970_communityfirst_logo5If we want a good contract that respects our work and our community, it’s going to take all of us getting involved:

Sign our online petition now to show your support!

Contact your steward, your organizer or call the office and let’s get this done together.

Don’t forget Purple Solidarity!
Every day our team is in bargaining, we need to support them by wearing purple at work.
Next Purple Days: April 22 and May 8.

For more information, read the bargaining update, April 2014 (PDF).

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