Tulare County Bargaining Update: May 8

Board of Supervisors does not believe we deserve a raise!

Team Tulare CountyOn May 8, we gave our economic proposals to management which included a proposal comparable to what the Board of Supervisor’s gave themselves in 2013. In the afternoon, management came back to the table with an offer of a one-year contract with no increases to salary or benefits.

It became very clear that the Board of Supervisors does not believe we deserve a raise or increases to benefits. How do they plan to keep quality public services unless they’re willing to invest?

Linda Castillo

Contact your Supervisor today and ask them: Were you elected to put yourself first or to put your Community First?
Call (559) 636-5000 or email your Supervisor today!
District One: Allen Ishida, aishida@co.tulare.ca.us
District Two: Pete Vander Poel, pvanderpoel@co.tulare.ca.us
District Three: Phillip Cox (Chairman), pcox@co.tulare.ca.us
District Four: Steve Worthley (Vice-Chairman), sworthley@co.tulare.ca.us
District Five: Mike Ennis, mennis@co.tulare.ca.us


Call your steward or bargaining team member today.


Your SEIU Local 521 Representatives are:
Mark Araiza, mark.araiza@seiu521.org
Courtney Hawkins, courtney.hawkins@seiu521.org
JoAnn Juarez-Salazar, joann.salazar@seiu521.org

For more information, please call (559) 635-3720.

Download & distribute our bargaining update – May 8, 2014 (PDF)

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