New Chapter Board Members & Contract Updates

Congratulations to our newest Monterey County Chapter Board Members!

On June 18, three new board members were sworn in to office representing Monterey County workers:

– Enid Donato, Natividad Medical Center (J Unit)

– Linda Luna, Natividad Medical Center (H Unit)

– Tammy Young, Sheriff Department (J Unit)

“Our Chapter is now full and we can focus on re-building our union and address member issues at the worksites by working together and focusing on electing officials that will fight for working families.”  — Julie Filice, Chapter President

Contract Updates:

– Effective the first pay period in July, employees will receive a two percent (2%) COLA.

– As of June 20, the county has agreed to increase the vacation cap accrual to 390, to those employees who have already reached the cap and lost time accruals, since the conversion to PTO and/or Annual Leave has not been configured by the County Auditor-Controller yet.

– As of July 1, all F, J, H & K bargaining unit employees at Natividad Medical Center (NMC) only, will be able to cash out up to 100 hours of paid time off in this calendar year, so long as 40 hours of paid time off remain on the books, after the cash out.  Employees in Unit F and Unit K,  outside of NMC, shall continue to be able to cash out up to 40 hours and employees in Unit J and Unit H can begin to cash out up to 40 hours starting July 1, so long as 40 hours of paid time off remain on the books after the cash out.

– Bargaining teams met on June 24 for the final proofreading of the MOU.  They will now be submitted to the Board for approval and then printing can begin, so that we can distribute to our members.

– Our bargaining team continues to push the county to proceed with implementation of the PTO and Annual leave conversion.

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