McDonald’s not “Lovin’ It” at the NLRB

Fast food 2A huge victory came from the National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel in our battle for a living wage in communities across the country. Despite McDonald’s repeated assertions that it does not control employment decisions at its franchised restaurants, the federal government said that the $5.6 billion company is indeed an employer that exerts substantial power over its employees’ working conditions.  The NLRB’s general counsel looked at McDonald’s rules for franchises and found that McDonald’s wields such extensive influence that individual franchise operators don’t set or control workplace conditions. McDonald’s, for all intents and purposes, is the employer.

The general counsel’s office informed regional directors of the NLRB in offices around the country that McDonald’s should be treated as an employer on Tuesday, July 29. This opens the door for negotiating wages with a single employer.

As economic inequality continues its stranglehold on the Middle Class, driving down wages for working families, we must continue our fight to level the playing field. Our future and the future of our communities depends on it!

“The federal government’s determination shows McDonald’s clearly uses its vast powers to control franchisees in just about every way possible,” said Kendall Fells, organizing director of Fast Food Forward. “It’s time the company put those same powers to work to do something about the fact that its workers are living in poverty.”

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