CalPERS elections: Priya Mathur re-elected!

Posted: 08/11/2014; Updated: 10/01/2014

Oct. 1, 2014 – Priya Mathur and Theresa Taylor, SEIU endorsed candidates for the CalPERS board, both won clear majorities, avoiding runoff. Mathur won 56.2% of the vote to represent Local Agency members and Taylor received 54.6% of the vote to represent State members. Congratulations to both. They will continue to be a strong voice for working families.


Priya Mathur

Statement from Priya Mathur:

“My priority is to protect the sustainability of the CalPERS retirement system. At over $300 billion in assets, CalPERS’ investment portfolio has recovered strongly from the market low and surpassed its prior high. In fact, CalPERS achieved an investment return of 18.4% for FY 2014, which will significantly improve the funding status of CalPERS retirement plans. To achieve a stable portfolio and funding status, we must be vigilant on asset allocation, investment strategy, risk management and cost containment. I will continue to support innovative investment strategies that maximize returns, minimize risk and exposure and keep investment fees low.”

Priya has:

  • Fought for the retirement and health care security of CalPERS members.
  • Worked to ensure access to affordable, high quality health care choices.
  • Stopped ideological attempts to lower CalPERS’ rate to a ‘risk free’ level that would have forced public agencies to contribute more than necessary.
  • Supported her union and done great work for 16 years as a Principal Financial Analyst for BART.

“People are working beyond when their bodies can carry on. That’s not the America I want to live in. For CalPERS to succeed, the 99% must succeed, not just the 1%. I ask for your continued support so that together we can protect our healthcare and retirement security.”
– Priya Mathur, speaking at the SEIU Local 521 Convention

Flyer (PDF)

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