Fresno County members reject county’s offer

More than 1,000 members voted; overwhelming majority reject the tentative agreement

Fresno County TA voteMembers have voted to reject the tentative agreement with Fresno County and continue the fight for a better contract. Our Bargaining Team fought hard and negotiated the best deal they could with a county that has little respect for its front-line workforce.

Our “No” vote sends a strong message to the Board of Supervisors that we won’t back down and that we will continue to stand strong together. In order to get the contract we’re fighting for, we need to get involved now. Our next Board of Supervisors will determine our next contract and we must get a better board.

As we move forward, we need more leaders who understand we need to work together if we are to win. It is not enough to stand on the sidelines and our contract fight has proven that. The more active and engaged we are, the better and faster our future contact negotiations will be.

Click here to see the flyer (PDF).

“We need to unite and work together to get a contract so we can focus on building our union. Our community needs us and a little hard work now will pay off for years to come. By moving forward together to put our Community First, we can get a contract that recognizes the value of our work.”
– Riley Talford, Unit 36 Senior Shop Steward and Supervising JCO

Media Coverage:

“Fresno County’s largest employee union rejects 5% raise,” The Fresno Bee, Oct. 30, 2014

What’s Next?
Membership Meeting: Tuesday, Nov. 18, 6 p.m., Union Hall
We need to come together with strategies, ideas and a commitment to work. Creating a strong, united union in the next year is critical for our jobs and our county.
This is our contract, our choice!
Time to re-group and plan our future together.


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