San Mateo home care workers ask for respect

San Mateo County Home Care WorkersSan Mateo County and court workers joined our home care providers at a rally on September 30 to protest the county’s disrespect and disregard for a critical workforce that helps the elderly and people with disabilities live independently at home.

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Genee Fonseca with daughter Kinsley Higgins

Genee Fonseca with daughter Kinsley Higgins

“I am taking care of my father who has dementia, since my mother passed away more than seven years ago. IHSS pays to me just two hours a day and he needs care 24/7. I need to have surgery and I am having trouble finding someone who will come to my house and take care of him for eight hours but be paid only for two hours, about $22. We are hard workers and we deserve decent wages.”
— Esther Rodriguez, San Mateo County Home Care Provider

San Mateo County home care workers are being offered a $2.55 annual raise – with healthcare takeaways. With a surplus of over $100 million, the Board of Supervisors must do the right thing and invest in our In-Home Supportive Services program now. Our home care providers deserve health coverage and fair wages that meet the basic standard of living.

“I am a home care provider living in San Mateo County. I am taking care of an old lady, a friend of mine who is 92 years old and needs care in our house for 24/7, but the county is giving me only 2 to 3 hours a day to take care of her. Is this enough for me to live, with all of her needs, her food, her utilities, etc.? It is not enough to live in this county, a very rich county, San Mateo County.”
— Myrna Bravo, San Mateo County Home Care Provider

San Mateo Home Care ClientsThere are more than 5,000 home care workers in San Mateo County who help thousands of elderly and people with disabilities enjoy quality care at home, yet they only earn $11.50 an hour.

“Home care clients need to have less than $3,000 in their bank account to qualify for home care services. Home care workers take care of indigents. To survive in this county, they barely get by and now you want to take away their benefits on top of it. How will they survive in this county? I ask that you show compassion for those who show compassion taking care of clients every day in this county. Please give them a fair contract.”
— Louise Alioto-Perez, San Mateo County Worker

Today’s action followed on the actions we had on September 9 and August 5.

On September 9, residents and workers of San Mateo County highlighted that Silicon Valley has become ground zero for the growing disparity between the haves and have-nots. Compensation for the lowest-paid employees has not kept pace with economic growth.

On August 5, residents and workers of San Mateo County called on county leaders to address the widening economic gap that is turning the county into a virtual gated community.

Learn more about the county’s economic gap (PDF)

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