Black Friday Protest at Wal-Mart on Nov. 28

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This Black Friday (Nov. 28) we will stand in solidarity with the workers of Wal-Mart to protest low-wages and too few hours.

Union allies will be at over 2,000 stores nationwide to tell Wal-Mart to end its bullying and strongarm tactics that keep its workers in poverty. We will be fighting for Wal-Mart workers to receive $15 an hour and a full-time schedule.

Join us at the Wal-Mart in Milpitas at 3 p.m. to protest and show support.

WHAT: Black Friday protest for higher wages and full-time hours
WHEN: 3 p.m., Nov. 28
WHERE: 301 Ranch Drive, Milpitas

If you will not be in town, consider joining one of the other protests across the country. Locations can be found at

Last year, Wal-Mart made more than $16 billion in profits. The Waltons are the richest family, collectively maintaining more money than the combined income of 43% of American families. They can pay their employees a fair wage but continue to deny Wal-Mart workers the decency of a livable wage.

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