SEIU 521: Social Conscience Champion

SEIU 521: Social Conscience ChampionLuisa Blue, Chief Elected Officer received the Social Conscience Champion award on behalf of SEIU Local 521 at the Triton Museum of Art on Dec. 11.

SEIU Local 521’s 55,000 members know that workers win when they put communities first.

Over the past year, our members’ dedication to improving the lives of working families has led to collaboration with Covered California to promote the benefits and changes that the Affordable Care Act would bring to those who are low-income and without affordable healthcare. Working Partnerships USA was proud to work with our members, our staff and other community allies to reach more than 500,000 residents to educate them about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through community health fairs and a sophisticated phone banking operation. Read more here.

In Silicon Valley, where poverty-wage jobs are squeezing too many women, people of color and working families, SEIU 521 and our members helped lead the campaign to pass a living wage ordinance in the County of Santa Clara that will be among the most comprehensive in the nation. The policy will address critical issues facing the low-wage workforce: health care, retirement security, and flexible scheduling.
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With the economic divide in our country at a historic high, our staff and members are proudly stepping up their advocacy for all workers, not just those they represent or organize. We hope Silicon Valley employers will follow us and help bring back jobs that sustain our families and our communities.

Mountain View City Councilmember Margaret Abe-Koga, Sunnyvale Mayor Jim Griffith, and Sunnyvale Vice-Mayor Jim Davis also received the Minimum Wage Warriors award during the ceremony because they all championed the movement to raise the wage in their respective cities. Thanks to their efforts, thousands of low-wage Silicon Valley workers will see their wages increase next year and continue to rise with the cost of living.

Following the successful effort in San Jose by students and workers in 2012, all three of these local leaders stood fearlessly to advocate “doing the right thing” to make sure that hard work is rewarded for the lowest-wage workers, who are continually squeezed by disappearing middle-class jobs and the skyrocketing costs of living and housing.

Councilmember Abe-Koga, Mayor Griffith, and Vice-Mayor Davis demonstrate the values-based public leadership we need to advance the movement for a Just Economy.

Minimum Wage Warriors

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