Living Wage Ordinance passed in Santa Clara County

Living Wage in Silicon ValleyAfter months of research and public discussions, Santa Clara County Supervisors officially passed the most comprehensive Living Wage ordinance in the nation on Dec. 16.

The new law will go into effect in July 2015 and includes: requiring county contractors to pay employees a living wage, with health and retirement credits, paid sick leave, a voice on the job without fear of retaliation, and groundbreaking fair workweek provisions including full time work and flexible hours.

For more details, read the press release.

scc-living-wage-ordinance-20141216-002In the Valley of Plenty, despite the booming tech economy, one in three residents does not earn enough to get by. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, led by Supervisors Ken Yeager and Dave Cortese, have created an ordinance that will change the standard of living for thousands of people.

Working Partnership USA’s report, “Setting Job Standards for a New Economy: An Innovative Living Wage for Silicon Valley,” laid out elements of the most comprehensive local legislation covering entities that do business with a county.

scc-living-wage-ordinance-20141216-001With the tech industry booming and the economy rapidly recovering, the average low-wage worker in Santa Clara County is falling further behind. Many who make minimum wage, or just above, struggle to make ends meet in Silicon Valley where the cost of living continues to soar. A living wage, by comparison, is a standard, not a floor, for what workers must earn to be self-sufficient.

Support a Living Wage for Home Care
Our home care workers need your help as they struggle to live in San Mateo County with poverty wages.
Tell the Board to vote for a living wage this holiday season!

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