Local leaders stand up for DACA and DAPA

CIR Feb 17 Across America, Feb. 17 was a national day of action to support an expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which would grant temporary work permits to immigrants who met certain criteria. A judge in Texas ruled against the expansion on Monday, but only ruled on technical grounds and not on the constitutionality. We are still telling mixed-status families to prepare for applications that will be made available. At the event in Bakersfield, Dolores Huerta said, “This is only a temporary setback.” She also made sure that the crowd knew that this ruling does not affect the original DACA. Juana, a local woman affected by DACA spoke through tears as she told her story:

When the DACA expansion was announced last year, I was able to finally have hope again that I could have a better life for me and my children. Knowing that I will be able to work in the medical field has motivated me to go back to college so I can be an example for my children. Thanks to DACA, I now have the opportunity to dream again and begin my future. DACA is not only helping me out but my two boys as well because now I can do better and prove that dreams do come true. Sometimes we have to struggle to have the life we want. All I want is to be able to start making my dream come true and accomplish my goals.

Across the country, thousands of people gathered at events from Washington to Texas to Massachusetts to affirm that our slow march towards comprehensive immigration reform is continuing. Though we did not get to have the celebration that we had anticipated, we know that day will come soon. Marichel Mejia from UFW Foundation said, “Continue to gather your documents: passports; bills; receipts; checks; everything you need to prove that you have been here. This is coming. It’s just a matter of when.” To support this effort supporters have launched a selfie campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram showcasing the immigrant fabric of America. To view selfies, visit the hastags #iamAmerica, #yosoyAmerica or go to http://iamericaorg.tumblr.com   Click the links below to see the news coverage: KERO KGET KBAK

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