Join the Member Action Program!

The most powerful way to connect with workers is through our stories and experiences as members of SEIU Local 521. Only members can talk about the real union difference and how it impacts our wages, benefits and quality of life.

Why Join the Member Action Program?

*Member organizers will receive training and have fun making a serious difference in the lives of working families.
*Workshops will focus on real-life organizing opportunities and challenges.
*Get hands-on experience on current SEIU Local 521 organizing campaigns and help make a difference in the lives of unorganized workers.

“SEIU Local 521 is committed to empowering unorganized workers and giving them a stroJensenWeb1ng voice to make real improvements to their profession and quality of life. But it’s up to us, the members, to show workers the true power of the union difference. We are living, breathing examples of what we can accomplish together.” -Jennifer Jensen, Chair, Member Action Program.

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Interested in joining the Member Action Program? You can print and fill out the sign-up form here.


Phone: Jennifer Jensen, Member Action Program Chair, (559) 704-8384; Jenny Garibay, Organizer, (661) 492-1576

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