PERB rules Tulare County broke promises

Tulare County RallyVictory! PERB Rules Tulare County Broke Promises to SEIU Local 521 Members

Feb. 26 ruling: County must pay back wages

The PERB Board has ruled in favor of SEIU Local 521 members in Tulare County and ordered the county to “make whole” workers who were denied the flex promotions and merit step increases that had been expressly promised them in a labor contract.

“This is a tremendous victory for workers and SEIU members in Tulare County,” said SEIU Local 521 Chapter President Greg Gomez, who testified at the PERB hearing on behalf of SEIU members. “It is a proud day when PERB agrees that the county must honor its contractual promises.”

Strength of a union contract SEIU Local 521 and Tulare County had an MOU from August 1, 2009 through July 31, 2011, covering employees in five SEIU-represented bargaining units. During the recession, the county asked SEIU members to help out, and they did, saving the county millions of dollars on wages. In exchange, the county promised workers they would start to receive flex promotions and a wage increase again on a certain date in the future.

“When that date arrived, the county refused to acknowledge that promise, denied us promotions and wages we were owed, and broke our trust,” said Greg.

The broken contractual promises related to flexibly-allocated classifications (flex promotions) and merit increases. The Public Employment Relations Board orders Tulare County to:

  • Make whole the affected workers by granting them the deserved one-time promotions and wage increase, with a 7% annual interest accrued from August 2011.
  • Email to workers a notice of its violation of the law.

“Four years after filing our initial PERB charge, SEIU members can be proud that by standing strong together, our unity paid off!” said Luisa Blue, Chief Elected Officer, SEIU Local 521. “Our members work hard and are dedicated to the community they serve. It is only right that the county honor the contract with its workers.”

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2 Responses to “PERB rules Tulare County broke promises”

  1. Zuhp Aliser says:

    Congratulations Tulare County.

  2. mary Moreno says:

    What about the OA-4 which I have been for years and topped out… I payed my County dues during that time as well…

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