Pressing forward on immigration reform

CIR Jan 12 15

Community members from Kevin McCarthy’s congressional district continue to push him to move on immigration reform. On Jan. 12, they delivered a letter urging him to support President Obama’s administrative actions on immigration reform.

The letter asks Rep. McCarthy to support:

  • Changing the enforcement priority for individuals who work hard and follow the rules
  • Creating a three-year renewable visa for longtime U.S. residents who are:
    • The parents of US citizens or legal permanent residents
    • Able to pass a criminal background check

This is not the permanent reform that our nation sorely needs, but it will fix some major issues. Eliminating administrative discretion in immigration enforcement would needlessly separate families and cause damage to our economy. It would also harm homeland security.

The President’s actions promise to reduce this damage and give Congress time to fulfill its responsibility. Rather than wasting time and energy trying to block them, our community members ask that Congress takes this opportunity to craft common sense reform that:

  • Adjusts the status of currently undocumented immigrants
  • Protects workers
  • Upholds America’s values
  • Addresses the challenges and promises of today’s economy.

If you’d like to be involved, call the office at (661) 321-3190 or email Paola at



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