The Purple Buzz – Feb. 5

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seiu-black-historyWhat is the difference in wages between unionized black workers and those who are not in a union? ‪

A- 5%
B- 11%
C- 15%

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“Fiscal Emergency” No Excuse for Imposing Furloughs
madera-perb-decision-20150127In a significant victory for our members in Madera County, a PERB judge has ruled that the county violated workers’ rights by unilaterally imposing furloughs in 2010 without proper negotiations.

Kern County and Fresno County: Please take note!

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Training & Education Opportunities in 2015

SEIU Local 521’s Education & Training Committee is proud to sponsor the 2015 Training Workshops. Our union is growing and with the help of our dedicated members, leaders and stewards, SEIU Local 521 will continue to direct the power of our union back into the workplace where it belongs.

These training opportunities are open to all members. Not yet a member? Join us now. 

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Living wage fight continues in San Mateo County
Living Wage for Home CareOver the past year, SEIU Local 521 members waged a courageous fight to demand a path out of poverty for home care providers in San Mateo County, joining the “Fight for 15” national movement.

In January, members agreed to a contract that increases their hourly wage by 10% to $12.65 – far less than the $17 an hour needed to attain self-sufficiency in the costly region. Nonetheless, the campaign raised awareness about the importance of having a living wage and spurred the county to begin serious conversations about a county-wide ordinance addressing the issue.

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We also continue to fight to get overtime pay for our home care workers. Home care providers often work around the clock to take care of their clients and deserve the same rights as other workers.

Sign the petition to win overtime for home care workers:

Pressing forward on immigration reform

CIR Jan 12 15SEIU members work with members of the community to keep up the pressure on Congressman Kevin McCarthy on immigration reform.

It’s not just a humanitarian issue; this is a critical issue to economy of our state and to California’s Central Valley.

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Fulfill Your College Goals

SEIU Scholarships 2015-2016SEIU International and SEIU Local 521 award yearly college scholarship opportunities that enable members and their children to pursue their educational goals at colleges, universities, labor study programs and technical schools.

Deadlines: March 2 for SEIU International scholarships; March 31 for SEIU Local 521 scholarship.

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Year in Review – 2014
In case you missed it… Here is a recap of what happened in 2014.

In 2014, our members stayed strong on the frontlines, delivering quality public services from the coast of Monterey County to the heart of the Central Valley.

SEIU Local 521 members know that workers win when we put our communities first!

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Quick Quiz

What is the difference in wages between unionized black workers and those who are not in a union? ‪

A- 5%
B- 11%
C- 15%

Correct answer: C. 15%

Become a member today!February is Black History Month. Wages of unionized black workers are 15% higher than those who are not in a union, along with much better benefits, such as healthcare and pension.

Source: Union Advantage for Black Workers, Center for Economic and Policy Research, Feb. 2014,

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