Bringing Community First to the Board

Keep CalmKern County Chapter: Bargaining Update
This week’s field activities, from unfurling a 50-foot-banner of community first pledges before the board of supervisors on March 24 to stickering up on March 25, showed our Bargaining Team they’ve got our support.
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Kern County Chapter Members
Three days before our contract with Kern County expires, dozens of SEIU Local 521 members flooded the Board of Supervisors meeting on March 24 to continue to push our Community First message.

Misty Thompson, an Animal Control Officer, talked about working with the county to come up with positive solutions. “Partner with the people who are here today and the thousands more people we represent. We share the common goal of putting our Community First.” Misty also led workers in holding up a fifty foot banner covered with hundreds of pledge cards from workers and residents of Kern County.

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Our fight to get the BOS to invest in public services and invest in the front-line workers who provide those services was joined by community members, including John Spaulding from the Building Trades Council. Ezra Quintana, Senior Information Systems Specialist at the Library, closed the public comment period by delivering an official letter inviting to Board members to walk in our shoes for a day.

If you signed a pledge card, thank you for your help!

If you haven’t yet, please join hundreds of our co-workers and residents, and sign the pledge now.

If you don’t have a sign, print your own here (PDF).

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