Fresno County contract negotiations kick off with April 1 tele-town hall

Earlier this year, we surveyed the SEIU Local 521 Fresno County membership to identify contract priorities. From the survey, 89% of the members said they want to see 9% back.

The Bargaining Team met on March 24 to discuss the framework of our opening proposals. Our Bargaining Team unanimously agreed our opening proposals should include:

  • Restoring the 9% wage cut
  • A 3% COLA, effective during year 1 of the contract
  • A 3% COLA in Year 2
  • A 3% COLA in Year 3

This is just our opening proposal for contract negotiations. There will be a lot of back and forth with the county to try and come to an agreement on a final deal. We will need the strength of the membership in the field to show the county that we are willing to do what it takes to win a fair contract.

If you missed the tele-town hall on April 1 when members of the Bargaining Team discussed the contract proposal, you can listen to the recording here.

If you didn’t know about the event, you may not be receiving important contract updates. Sign up for contract updates here.

“Winning a good contract does not happen at the table. It happens in the field and at our worksites. When the employer feels pressure to treat workers fairly, when the employer knows there are 5,000 workers standing behind their elected bargaining team, that’s when we have bargaining power.”
– Riley Talford
Supervising Juvenile Correctional Officer and Unit 36 Senior Shop Steward

“Our Bargaining Team wants to let the membership know first, that we are 100% united as a bargaining team; second, that we are starting negotiations from a position of power; and third, the Fresno County SEIU membership is stronger together.”
– Alysia Bonner
Supervising Office Assistant II and Fresno County Chapter 1st Vice President

Come to our next membership meeting
Tuesday, April 14 at 6 p.m.
SEIU L521 Office, 5228 E. Pine Ave., Fresno
Please RSVP your attendance at (559) 447-2579 or

Stay Informed!


Chapter page:

Email and text updates:

Bargaining Team Members
Laura Basua, Job Specialist III
Alysia Bonner, Supervising Office Assistant II
Heidi Perez, Office Assistant III
James Hackett, Social Services Program Supervisor
Sandra Schillaci, Child Support Officer III
Lenora Licon, Child Support Officer III
Julian Arvizu, Correctional Officer III
Bob Winebrenner, Juvenile Correctional Officer II
Kevin Westbrook, Juvenile Correctional Officer II
Kim Truss, Social Worker III
Alex Betancourt, Senior Licensed Mental Health Clinician
Santiago Oceguera, Eligibility Worker III
Jennifer Jensen, Job Specialist III
Darlynn Qualls, Job Specialist III
Barigye McCoy, Office Assistant II
Anita Harper, Deputy Public Administrator/Guardian II
Rene Garcia, Deputy Public Administrator/Guardian II
John Jasper, Supervising Juvenile Correctional Officer
Riley Talford, Supervising Juvenile Correctional Officer

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3 Responses to “Fresno County contract negotiations kick off with April 1 tele-town hall”

  1. Zuhp Aliser says:

    Why didn’t you allow people to ask questions? Was this really a negotiations update or a push for your fight for 15 campaign? You kept tight control of the conference. As always, everything was one sided. Do you even care what members think? You must not. What this conference proves is that your political agendas are priority. Members mean nothing to you. The only thing we’re good for is feeding your bank account, right? Again, another grand opportunity to prove you’re worth a damn has been tossed out the window.

  2. Maria J Torres says:

    I have retired from the county will I ever see the 9%?.

  3. Zuhp Aliser says:

    You are stating that you will request Restoration of the 9% wage cut, A 3% COLA, effective during year 1 of the contract A 3% COLA in Year 2 A 3% COLA in Year 3. Can you elaborate? Is the 9% percent three 3% Cost of living increases which will equal 9% in 3 years? Is it to restore our 9% + 3% COLA’s for three years? And what about the PERB? Are you wanting us to drop the PERB in lieu of accepting the proposal? IHSS won their PERB charge 5/30/15.

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